A little bit about me

I thought that it’s always nice to kind of know who is writing random stuff on the Internet so here is a bit about me. My name is Tulip (yes that is my actual name, my parents knew I was their last go at parenting so decided to go wild!) I’m 26- I literally don’t know how that happened, 30 is now looming, send help. I live in a very small but apparently very desirable town called Frome in Somerset. ‘I live near Bath’ is usually what I tend to say if anyone from any kind of distance away asks, but weirdly whenever I do say Frome then people always seem to have a connection to it! I grew up here, hated it, moved away for Uni and stayed away for a good 6 or so years until it pulled me back, dragging the other half with me. Now it’s home again and I’m trying to get the most out of what it has to offer. I live with my faultless fiance Toby, my big bro Matt and his skinny wimp of a dog Norman (an actually very cute Italian greyhound). I work in HR in local government which is actually the most amazing job and I love it! I have a degree in psychology and made the oh so common and oh so stupid mistake of training as a teacher. Psychology with biology counted as science so the government paid for my PGCE so it seemed like a good idea – it wasn’t! I dragged myself through my NQT year before finally making the decision to leave –  5 stone heavier and very stressed! It was without a doubt the best decision I have ever made in my life. My career focussed mother nearly convinced me to carry on so many times but I felt like I had lost so much of who I was because I just worked every minute of the day so I was exhausted, stressed and had no social life and now that I am out of it I just feel so lucky for what I have got and the fact that I finish at 5 and could do whatever I want with my evenings – currently writing this blog!

I am very strongly achievement orientated, everything I do must be achieving something and have a purpose or I feel weird and lacking in focus. So I love lists and plans and spreadsheets! I freak out if an evening out doesn’t have a minute by minute itinerary but luckily my friends are very understanding and I can be “spontaneous’ as long as the spontaneity is planned in advance. So that’s why I decided to start this blog – it keeps my life in a nice structure and I can document all my progress towards my various goals! I talk about those goals in my about me but they are – 1. Trying to maintain my target weight after losing 8 stone in 16 months following Slimming World. I will be talking about my ‘journey’ and sharing some of my recipes and tips. I’m a lifelong vegetarian and trying to be as vegan as possible so I’ll be sharing any exciting veggie/vegan foods I find too. Here is a quick before and after for y’all –

2. Wedding planning- I’m getting married in September 2017 and we are planning a festival wedding on a budget so doing as much as possible ourselves. Again I’ll share my tips and probably my stresses too!

3. I’m training for a half marathon in July, terrible idea but now I’ve committed so I’ll share my very basic training plan- basically just run as many times a week as you can as far as you can.

4. Film reviews- me and the fiancé have got Odeon Limitless so we try to go to the cinema as much as we can so I will share my very basic and terribly written reviews of what we have seen

5. My bucket list, so basically I’m freaking out about how fast time seems to be flying by and so I have written a bucket list to try and get me out of a rut, trying new things and living my life so I’ll be sharing everything I manage to tick off. This is definitely a budget bucket list as weddings are expensive- who knew?!

And breathe!




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