Vegetarian meat feast pizza! The Old Bath Arms Frome 

Quite possibly the best vegetarian and vegan pizza in the world!!

It was my big bro’s birthday last night so we faced the challenge of deciding where to eat. The challenge comes from the fact that we are a group of 8 vegetarians, two little (ish) people who don’t want anything too fancy, one brother who doesn’t eat tomatoes and me who is trying to follow Slimming World (and hates mushrooms- which the world have decided is the go to veggie option!) plus the fact that we live in a small town in Somerset. However in this small town The Old Bath Arms came to our rescue!

Their vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options are amazing!! They aren’t a vegetarian restaurant but they easily could be! We were all totally spoilt for choice with the extensive veggie menu.

It isn’t often that I’m spoilt for choice when out for a meal as I normally have to choose between one or two options at most, and because I am trying to follow Slimming World that limits me from having the veggie burger and chips every time, or jacket potato and beans,  but I can never choose at the Bath arms because I WANT IT ALL! Because this is my first of two meals out this week I avoided the pizza that I reallyyyy wanted and went for a salad. But because the Bath arms is amazing it wasn’t just a few limp leaves it was a cajun quorn spiced salad with warm freshly baked homemade bread.

This was so delicious!! And I had the dressing on the side so other than the oil that the quorn was fried in it would be syn free, if I hadn’t also had the delicious bread, but I’m counting that as my healthy b choice on Slimming World.

My brothers both had vegetarian pizzas- they do loads of really interesting options, not just margherita! They even do a totally vegetarian meat feast with sausage and chorizo!! You can also make any pizza vegan and gluten free. My tomato hating brother was pleased to be able to have a pesto based pizza with no tomatoes in sight. Other bro had the smoked hickory with bbq which again was faultless.

They have amazing offers too with buy one get one free on Pizza, pasta and burgers Mon- Thurs – which meant we saved so much money.

My brothers wouldn’t let me photograph their food (spoil sports!) Mother had some vegetarian tapas which again was super tasty – you get 3 for £10.95 they do lots of veggie ones, including brie which was yummy, poor mum wasn’t left very much!



Absolutely amazing evening and could not recommended The Old Bath Arms highly enough!

*** Update ***

We visited the Old Bath Arms again two days later for a surprise birthday for my vegan friend and because it was so amazing earlier in the week I knew this was the place to go! We are all on a bit of a budget too so the fact we were able to get buy one get one free Pizza was a deal breaker – meaning that each couple had a large Pizza each and only paid about £7 each! The staff were so lovely and helpful advising which options could be made vegan and even managed to make the cheese and tomato doughballs with vegan cheese with both of my friends ordered (and very kindly shared!) these were super tasty!!

bath roll

I had the Quorn salad again as it is so yummy, but had vegetarian chicken and chorizo tapas on the side – this was the most flavourful and delicious quorn thing I have ever eaten – I need the recipe!!


Toby ordered two pizzas because he got one free, meaning he could share a veggie one with me but get his meat fix too. He ordered the hot Vegetarian Spanish pizza with veggie sausage, jalapenos and veggie chorizo — again this was so yummy – whatever ‘meat’ they use is amazing! His meaty one was a nacho pizza – literally a pizza topped with mince,  nachos, salsa, guacamole and sour cream!

Stuart had the Genoa pesto, Chris something meaty, and the two vegans had the vegan Hawaiian (hate fruit on a pizza bleh) which they all really enjoyed. Such a lovely evening and we were all happily stuffed!

Again would highly recommend it, vegetarian/vegan or not as they have a huge meaty menu too and they have just been renovated so the bar areas are great too. Pretty sure I will be back there again soon!




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