We’re getting married?!

All of my posts have been food related so far, so as I promised to make this blog about my life in general this is the tale of how I met my amazing fiance Toby.

Toby and I met at university, which sounds ever so fancy and proper but it was actually at a very drunken 90s party where Toby was dressed as Ash from pokemon and he tried to go if for a kiss as he was leavinf while my then boyfriend had his arm around me! What a charmer! I ended up moving in with my best friend Marion in my final year and Toby happened to be her housemate and after getting closer and closer friends over 6 months we had a drunken kiss at a party when I was dressed as a mermaid and Toby was a howler from Harry Potter- the giant red envelope really did it for me!

Fast forward through a year of random jobs in Exeter still living like students we had become a proper couple and decided to move in together officially so we moved to our first little home together (owned by mother- we’re not made of money!) in a small coastal Devon town Teignmouth. Our favourite thing was our hand painted leopard print wall in the front room- that was a labour of love!

I then foolishly decided teacher training was a great idea and Toby thought a philosophy phd would be really useful so fast forward through 2 years of horrible, exhausting, miserable stress and a year living in Plymouth and I was now 5 stone heavier (turns out a diet of takeaways, ice cream and cake is not conducive to a good figure) and we decided that we would move back to my home town of Frome and have a fresh start. It was the best decision I’ve ever made and I have never been happier! We live with my big bro and his Italian greyhound Norman, who was kind enough to take us in for a couple of months (brother not Norman!) while we looked for a flat (that was August 2015, whoops!) Back home was wedding centric with my two besties and one close friend all getting married within two years so Toby was definitely feeling the engagement pressure and he did not disappoint! In May last year he booked us tickets to Luxembourg to see my dream man David Duchovny in concert (yes he has released a rock album- check it out!!) And VIP tickets to meet him before the show! This was my dream come true and I think Toby knew I might run off with David at the end of the show so he got down on one knee while DD sang what had become our song  (vomit) Hell or Highwater! The very quiet French fans gave us a little cheer and we got a congratulations from the man himself! I couldn’t have asked for more. It was perfect and definitely unforgettable!

And now it’s been a whole year of wedding planning which I’ll tell you all about later, I am in my dream job, 8 stone lighter and so much happier…And Toby is still writing his phd!!

Sorry that turned into a novel, a more useful post next time!




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