My first park run and half marathon training 

I did my first ever park run this morning! I’m trying to push myself because I’m training for a half marathon (really stupid idea! I’m so competitive so when my boss said she was signing up to do one it spurred me to do the same, I didn’t think it through or do any research so just signed up to my local one in Frome without thinking. Turns out Frome’s route is really hilly and July 😣 and my boss didn’t ever sign up for one anyway!!) so I need to start pushing myself more. I did a little bit of research.. ok I did a super quick Google and clicked the first couple of links and picked a half marathon training plan kind of on a whim so I’ve been trying to follow this for the past few weeks with some success but still can’t seem to push myself in terms of speed, I just stop as soon as it’s too hard!

I have changed it round so I do my long run after work on a Monday then 45 mins on Tuesday, 35 mins on weds, rest Thursday, 40 mins on Friday and now going to concentrate on speed on Saturdays when I can do park run. My friend Chris is doing it in training for tough mudder so I tagged along this week. It is at 9am so got me up nice and early and the sun was shinning! I wasn’t sure what to expect but turned up to an big crowd of friendly people who told me where to go and what to do! It was such a positive atmosphere.

Trekking to the start line.

I found Chris and this was my nervous face waiting to start!

My competivess kicked in and I sprinted off the start line which was a mistake but it’s a nice course and I did try to push myself and I managed it in 26 mins 16 which isn’t too far from my goal of 25 minutes 🖒

They tell you lots of information about your run which is really interesting-  I came 87th out 277 and I was the fastest female in my age band and also the 15th fastest female overall! I am determined to smash that next time and want to get under 26 minutes. The best bit was thar they give out jelly beans at the end so I was super happy!

I’ve been running for about 2 years now and I love it (about 60% of the time!) And if you told fat, P.E skiving 14 year old me that one day I’d be running out of my own choice I would have laughed in your face! I used to love running as a kid- who doesn’t, but somewhere along the line that enjoyment and excitement of feeling like your legs are going fall off disappears and turns in to horrible sweaty pain! I hated having to run around the school playing field, my face would be bright red and my throat and chest would burn, it was horrible and I hated those skinny girls who looked so graceful and never broke a sweat. But fast forward to August 2015 and me and my bestie decided to start running using the couch to 5km app. I had lost about 3 stone by this time but had another 5 to go and I was super unfit. On the first session of the app I was struggling to run for 30 seconds without dying but the app got me there, I would definitely recommend it to anyone, it’s such a good feeling achieving something you never thought you’d be able to be able to! And after running that first 5km in about 40 minutes I never thought I’d be at the stage of half marathon training! It has definitely helped me to lose the weight and keep it off plus it’s good to get outside and let go of the stresses of the day. If I can get there then anyone can!

Get out there!




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