My budget bucket list

I am now the ripe old age of 26 (urghhh) so I am now in the wrong side of my 20s and I will actually be 27 this year which is dangerously close to 30. I cannot imagine being a 30 year old woman. I am still about 23 at best! Time is really rushing past me at the moment, I cannot get my head around the fact that it is nearly the end of May and (not that I used a countdown timer or anything…) it’s only 14 weeks and 4 days until we get married. I don’t understand how that has happened but seeing as time has gone crazy I need to keep up so I have decided to start a bucket list. I have been feeling recently that the weeks have been passing me by and I haven’t really noticed the time passing – a week or two will have gone by without me really enjoying them or doing anything new and exciting and that is such a waste! I was reading about it and came across this article which I thought was interesting –

Having new experiences can make time slow down 

Something I liked from this article is – Engaging in a novel exploit makes time appear to pass more quickly in the moment. But if we remember that activity later on, it will seem to have lasted longer than more mundane experiences. The reason? Our brain encodes new experiences, but not familiar ones, into memory, and our retrospective judgement of time is based on how many new memories we create over a certain period. In other words, the more new memories we build on a weekend getaway, the longer that trip will seem in hindsight. So this suggests that doing more new things can make time appear to have passed more slowly – hence my bucket list!

After teaching where I had no time to relax and enjoy myself I suddenly entered in to this amazing world of actually having evenings and weekends, where I could do what I wanted to do and I have no books to mark or lessons to plan! I was totally lost at the start, I didn’t know what to do with myself and I had forgotten how to relax, I started organising clothes drawers and cleaning because I couldn’t cope with not being productive. That feeling hasn’t passed completely and I still can’t just do ‘nothing’ but I am trying to find things that I enjoy but that I still feel like I am achieving something – hence the bucket list which appeals to all of my favourite things – lists, organisation, achievements, progress and making the most of every day!

I just googled some bucket lists and combined the ideas that I liked, as we are getting married this year and hope to buy a house soon we are definitely on a budget so as many of these as possible are cheap or free, as much as I do want to travel the world etc I mostly just want to do small things to make sure I really savour every day and enjoy myself. Here is my list:

Be a tourist in your own town ———- Started in May 2017, 3 things completed so far
Spend the day at a spa
Go on a ghost hunt
Do 50 random acts of kindness
 Watch every film in Empire’s top 100 films of all time —— Started in May, two films completed 
 Watch a sunrise and sunset in the same day
 Visit 5 different museums
 Try 15 types of ethnic cuisine
 Get a massage
 Sing karaoke in public
 Feed animals at the zoo
 Order room service
 Ride in a canoe and/or kayak
 Sew something wearable
 Ride a segway
 Get a makeover
 Name a star
 Take a cooking lesson
 Be vegan for a whole week
 Participate in NaNoWriMo
 Host a dinner party
 Be able to identify 10 constellations
 Drive or ride on a motorcyle
 Climb a rock wall
 Send postcards from your home town
 Learn to play chess
 Try to meditate
 Make and bury a time capsule
 Host a scavenger hunt
 Ride in a limo
 Paint a picture
 Get a caricature done of yourself
 Dress up fancy and go somewhere mundane
 Play darts
 Play pool/billiards
 Bet on a horse or dog race
 Play poker
 See a play/musical
 Change a flat tire
 Learn a dance
 Go to a waterpark
 Ride a rollercoaster
 Plant a tree
 Plant a garden
 Host a theme party
 Attach notes to balloons and release them
 Do a charity walk/run
 Go camping
 Get a tattoo
 Make something out of clay
 Go to a concert for a band or singer you’ve never heard of
 Go to the opera
 Release sky lanterns
 Read a classic novel
 Take a day trip someplace new
 Learn to make a good mixed drink
 Play tennis
 Attend a professional sports game
 Do a wine tasting
 Eat at a fancy restaurant
 Write down your dreams for at least one week
 Leave an inspirational message in a bathroom or public place
 Try to break a world record
 Study a foreign language
 Try 10 new restaurants
 Take an art class
 Watch a movie outdoors
 Picnic in the park
 Ride a horse
 Learn to play something on the piano and/or guitar
 Star gaze
 Smoke a fancy cigar
 Take a great picture, print it, frame it and hang it on the wall
 See a foreign film at the theater
 Shop at a flea market, swap meet or garage sale
 Learn 5 or more yoga poses
 Start a scrapbook with mementos and souvenirs
 Stay in a bed and breakfast
 Write a list of everything you’re grateful for
 Do a 365 day photo project
 Make an origami crane
 Try 25 new recipes
 Order something different off the menu
 Visit a farmer’s market
 Wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual
 Boycott something
 Send a post card to Post Secret
 Go bike riding
 Play video games
 Put together a 1,000 piece puzzle
 Pick up litter
 Spend the day watching cartoons
 Write a poem
 Go surfing, sledding or 4-wheeling
 Have professional pictures taken
 Buy a word of the day calendar and learn a new word every day
 Find the coolest thing in your town and photograph it
 Watch a movie marathon
 Pick your own fruit
 Take a photography class
 Write a letter for future generations to read
 Write a letter to yourself to open in 10 years
 Ride in a horse drawn carriage
Think of something you are grateful for every morning when you wake up for at least a week
 Learn to properly use basic hand and power tools
 Learn basic car maintenance
 Build and fly a kite
 Find upcoming events for your city, set reminders to do them!
 Go a full day without spending any money
 Create a budget
 Make rock candy/crystals
 Go on evening walks
 Host a game night
 Memorize a great joke
 Learn to identify poisonous and edible plants in the wild
 Learn how to make balloon animals ——- YES made a balloon dog on 31/05/17 see blog post!
 Read 100 of the greatest books ever written

I am getting started this week, I am excited for new experiences and making the most of every day. I need to decide which I can tick off first and I will add new ones as I go.

Let me know if you have a bucket list and if there is anything on yours that I have missed and friends reading this – are there any you wanna do with me??

Here’s to enjoying every day and making the most of life!




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