Being a tourist in my own town – ticking things off my bucket list

I live in an actually really lovely small town of Frome in Somerset. I hated it growing up as it was so small and there was ‘nothing going on’ and it didn’t have any ‘good’ shops, but now I have returned after about 6 years away I have fallen in love with it again and feel really lucky to live in such a lovely place. I am planning a general Frome blog post soon but this is a quick (ish) one about a lovely little places I have visited for the first time recently as I am starting to tick off  ‘Being a tourist in your own town’ from my bucket list. I feel guilty that I hadn’t started doing this sooner as there are so many great little places that I have never even noticed! But I have put a stop to it and I am getting out there and trying them all!

First stop is The River House – this is right in the town centre on the bridge and I am not sure why I have never ventured in before now!!


This is what they say about themselves –

‘We are a small gaggle of coffee loving, breakfast boshing, brunch eating, lunch craving, cocktail making, beer drinking, gin sinking, cafe and bar fanatics based in a friendly, funky and really rather sexy little cafe based on The Bridge above the River Frome in the shire, a.k.a, Frome…’

Toby and I popped down at brunch-ish time on a sunny Saturday and were not disappointed! It has a really lovely layout inside – very light and fresh looking with a good amount of tables and space. (These two pictures taken from The River House website

I was so pleased to see a huge variety of coffees, teas and amazing cakes – including gluten free and vegan ones which always makes me happy! They also have a free ‘hydration station’ with cucumber and lemon water – yum!


There are a good number of breakfast and brunch options with vegetarian and vegan choices – not the bog standard either- they do a vegan breakfast which isn’t just the bits of a breakfast that happen to be vegan! They do tomato, avocado, shrooms, marinated tofu, coconut bacon, fried potato, homemade beans, wilted greens & toast, I will definitely try this next time, intrigued by coconut bacon!

Toby and I went for coffee (with frothy almond milk!), juice and shared the French toast with ricotta and berry compote. Oh my days this was so good!! Thick crispy bread with the berry and ricotta in the perfect amounts to balance everything out. I am salivating thinking about it now haha! Think I might need to try and recreate this tonight.

It was a lovely little place with good, quick service and really yummy food and drinks, we will definitely be going again – maybe for their evening cocktails instead though!

I am so happy to start spending more time in my little town and I am aiming to go to one place a week – even just for a quick coffee as the little things like this really make me happy and make a big difference to what could be an otherwise boring day.






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