Bucket List- being a tourist in my own town 2

Toby and I are trying to make the effort to do something nice just the two of us at least once a week to try and stop him losing the will to live still writing his Phd! And we (…I) decided that this would also be a good opportunity to tick off things from my bucket list – particularly being a tourist in your own town.  As I said in my previous post there are so many lovely places in Frome that we have never managed to visit so we are aiming to go to one new place a week. Last weekend we were babysitting so small person woke us up very early so on our way home we popped in to town and went to Sam’s Deli kitchen. It looks so lovely from the outside – especially in the evening – photo of the outside below taken from google/Sam’s deli kitchen website – http://www.samskitchendeli.co.uk/frome/

sams deli

Inside is lovely and light and they have a lovely big bench with lots of delicious looking cakes and pastries as well as sausage rolls and cereals, but as Toby and I are now on wedding weight loss/maintaining we stuck to just having a coffee.


I was slightly off put by not having a menu to look at – as you know I need structure but the guy was so friendly and welcoming and said they can do pretty much any coffee with most types of milk etc and lots of teas too, we were boring and had Americanos but with frothy soya milk and agave instead of sweetener.


Coffee was good and I love the seating in there, lovely wooden tables and lots of comfy seats, it’s really spacious and has a lovely relaxed feel to it.

Photo below taken from google/Sam’s Deli Kitchen website


They also do cocktails in the evening so we may try those tomorrow night!

Hope everyone is having a lovely bank holiday weekend, I am just lying on the sofa with Toby and Normy while Toby cracks on with his work, feeling very relaxed (and mildly hungover) so a good Saturday so far.




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