Ticking off my bucket list — Balloon animals

I have always wanted to be able to make balloon animals as it is such a random skill to have and it seemed like it would hopefully be about my skill level. But those who know me will know that I do struggle with these type of things! The opportunity had never arisen… UNTIL NOW! Emma had read my bucket list and said that she could help me tick something off when we next met and yesterday she presented me with a balloon modelling kit! She hadn’t run out to buy it specially but for some random reason last Christmas she had put a kit in her husband’s stocking and he had put one in hers, despite neither of them ever mentioning it or showing any interest in doing it! So she kindly let me have a go!

The pumping of the balloons was successful and they were impressively giant! Then came the actual creating of an animal. I decided to make a butterfly and it seemed straight forward enough but unfortunately the instructions made no sense to my tiny brain. The picture below isn’t the actual instructions but you get the idea!


I was concentrating soooo hard and I became frustrated as my twists kept untwisting and my balloon was not resembling a butterfly! I looked around and all my friends (other than Ben!) had somehow managed to work it out for themselves and made things – a dog, rabbit eats, a flower and a crown whereas the ‘butterfly’ I had made I turned in to this rather fetching hat.

But I persevered and watched a youtube video a number of times and……


I actually successfully made a balloon dog that kind of looked the way it was meant to! I am so proud of myself!

I absolutely love that my friends all sat down and did this with me – and thanks so much for supplying the kit Emma! I am definitely going to practice and make something really cool and I have also decided that I need to have kits for people to play with at the wedding! Ben managed to make a jet pack and Emma also let me wear her crown.

I had such a funny evening and I am genuinely proud of myself for being able to tick this off my list!




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